In 1999, an endowment fund was started between the Manitoba Métis Federation and participating Manitoba universities in order to create available funds for issuing scholarships and bursaries to Manitoba Métis students.  The awards come from the interest on the capital contributions to the fund, creating a legacy for future generations. 



To date,  contributions from all parties totals over $12.9 million dollars with over $1.8 million in awards being distributed.  Award amounts vary at each institution from $500 to $3,000 with the average being $1,500 per student.


These awards are available to Métis students attending participating universities in Manitoba.   


Students are required to complete an application that may consist of one or two parts - depending on their university.  The Louis Riel Institute confirms that, as a Métis student, the applicant is eligible for the award and the university chooses the recipients.  Students are eligible to apply for this award every year that they are attending the university.


Students who are interested in applying for this award can contact their university directly or contact the LRI to request an application and further details.


All students applying for this award are required to provide proof of their Métis heritage.  Acceptable proof at this time consists of:


  • A Citizenship in a Métis nation (i.e. MMF)  or
  • A certified genealogy from the Saint Boniface Historical Society (SBHS) or Métis Culture and Heritage Resource Centre (MCHRC)  or
  • You may use the proof of someone else in your family as long as you are able to provide copies of documents proving that you are related to that person.  The following are acceptable methods of showing proof of relationship:
    • Long form birth certificate
    • Baptismal record which lists parents
    • Other proof of identification as approved by the Louis Riel Institute

The following is a list of participating universities and their application due dates:


Red River College - due date is October 31st and January 30th annually - contact "Student Services Centre"


University of Manitoba - due date is October 1st and June 1st for summer applications annually - contact "Financial Aid & Awards Office - University Centre"


You must complete the "University of Manitoba General Bursary Application" which is done on-line through your Aurora account. Once you have signed into Aurora, you can use the link below to take you directly to the "Student Awards and Financial Aid" area. From that landing page, click "Apply for Student Aid", next click the "Continue" button, and then select the "University of Manitoba General Bursary Application" from the pull-down menu appearing on that webpage.

Please note, if you have already opened/viewed this application, it will have been moved under the "View My Applications" area, which the first link appearing under the "Student Awards and Financial Aid" tab.


University of Winnipeg - due date is September 17th annually - contact "Student Services - Centennial Hall"


The University of Winnipeg (U of W) has streamlined their application process.  All U of W students interested in being considered for the Louis Riel Bursary must complete the "General Application for Awards and Bursaries" available at 



Brandon University - due date is September 30th annually - contact "Scholarship and Awards Clerk, McKenzie Building"


Université de Saint Boniface - due date is September 30th and January 31st annually - contact "Registrariat"


University College of the North - due date is November 21st annually - contact "Financial Aid and Awards"