History in the Classroom


A representative from the Louis Riel Institute will come to your school or organization and deliver a presentation on Métis culture.  Subjects discussed can be customized to suit your needs, or choose from the presentations we have available:


-Métis History Timeline

-Louis Riel

-Buffalo Hunt

-Battle of Batoche

-Confederation 1869-70

-Métis Music

-Métis Clothing

-Métis Food

-Contemporary Métis Communities

-Contemporary Métis Politics


Costs range from $50 - $200 (plus travel if location is outside of Winnipeg).


History in the Classroom Workshop for Educators


The Louis Riel Institute will create a workshop to suit your group.  You will explore the Métis Educational Resources Kit and all of the information within.


Our representative will share the lessons created around the Illustrated Métis History Series and work with the group on creating new lessons and ideas.


Half Day Workshop  -$250

Full Day Workshop  -$500


Métis Educational Resource Kit - $495 (see Resources tab for more details of kit contents)